Cruising - Greensward

Eruption of the volcano on the island of Stromboli. Photo is noisy because it was taken at ISO 6400, and the ship's motion meant made it impossible to get a sharp photo. From Wikipedia: Stromboli is a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the north coast of Sicily, containing one of the three active volcanoes in Italy. It is one of the eight Aeolian Islands, a volcanic arc north of Sicily. ... Mt. Stromboli has been in almost continuous eruption for the past 2,000 years. A pattern of eruption is maintained in which explosions occur at the summit craters with mild to moderate eruptions of incandescent volcanic bombs at intervals ranging from minutes to hours. This Strombolian eruption as it is known is also observed at other volcanoes worldwide. Eruptions from the summit craters typically result in a few short-lasting mild but energetic bursts ranging up to a few hundred meters in height containing ash, incandescent lava fragments and lithic blocks. Mt. Stromboli's activity is almost exclusively explosive, but lava flows do occur at times.